COVID19 Update

In response to coronavirus we have adapted our clinics to maximise safety for  patients & staff. Telehealth consultations may be  offered and clinical examinations are being performed with protective measures in place. A detailed referral will help us ensure you receive safe and high quality ENT care.

Retrograde Cricopharyngeal Dysfunction

Retrograde Cricopharyngeal Dysfunction (R-CPD) is a medical condition causing inability to “burp” or “belch”.

Sydney Voice and Swallowing (SVAS)

We care about our patients’ well-being and health. We can help people suffering from ENT problems to get well and restore normal quality of life – something that everyone deserves. Our combined voice clinic is the solution for those with voice or swallowing problems.


Our Services

Sydney Voice and Swallowing (SVAS) provides comprehensive assessment and management based upon “Best Clinical Practice” guidelines to ensure our patients receive the best available treatment

Our Services include:

Breathing and Airways

SVAS also focuses on helping people with breathing problems (nose or throat) that may affect sleep quality and exercise quality and snoring problems that may be disturbing sleep. Assessment in our snoring clinic can offer practical solutions to this common problem depending upon the underlying anatomical problem.