Our Services

Sydney Voice and Swallowing (SVAS) provide comprehensive assessments and management based upon the global “Best Clinical Practice” guidelines.

We make sure that our patients get the best quality treatment.

At SVAS we take the time to listen to you and understand your concerns, whilst working with you to achieve your health goals.

Here at Sydney Voice and Swallowing (SVAS), we care about our patients’ well-being and health. We help you and your loved ones who are suffering from ENT problems to get well and restore a normal quality of life – a life that is deserved by everyone. Our combined voice clinic is the solution for those with voice or swallowing problems.

SVAS also focuses on helping people with breathing problems (nose or throat) that may affect sleep quality and exercise quality and snoring problems that may be disturbing sleep. Assessment in our snoring clinic can offer practical solutions to this common problem depending upon the underlying anatomical problem.Contact us today if you need further details or to set up an appointment for a consultation! With the help of our highly qualified team you can be sure that you are in great hands.